BottleBottoms - reclaiming bottles for glassware

100% recycled bottles used to create drinkware, candleholders, and vases.

BottleBottoms collection of glasses
BottleBottoms Candleholders and Vases
  Several painted bottles make dramatic candleholder BottleBottoms   Many wineries have created beautifully etched, embossed or painted labels for their bottles which can be transformed into unique and memorable candleholders and vases by BottleBottoms.   Recycled magnum wine bottle becomes a BottleBottoms vase  

BottleBottoms Tutu ballerina 5 inch candleholder


Sparkling wine with pewter accent BottleBottoms


Recycled Champagne Magnum becomes a BottleBottoms




Abacus wine bottle recycled into BottleBottoms candleholder


Due to the uniqueness of these bottles, they are usually limited release BottleBottoms. Please see Etsy for current in stock options or contact us directly for custom requests.



9.5 inch blue tequila recycled bottle made into a BotlteBottoms vase

  Psychedelic recycled BottleBottoms candleholder   Elvis BottleBottoms - etched and painted   Unique recycled wine bottle is a BottleBottoms candleholder  
  BottleBottoms glasses or candleholders for the Steelhead lover  

Send BottleBottoms your favorite keepsake bottle to turn into a vase or candleholder.

  Different Terra d’Oro recycled wine bottles make a collection of BottleBottoms  
  3 liter wine bottles (doube magnum) make wonderful BottleBottoms vases  

BottleBottoms is able to preserve labels during the process of creating a BottleBottom.


The label on the left is a normal paper-based label. The label on the right is "sticker" type label.

  Colorful BottleBottoms from Shiraz wine bottle  
  Votive candle BottleBottoms made from Perrier bottles  
  Contact us if there is a particular wine bottle you are interested in turning into a BottleBottom.

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